Extending a helping hand

The Motion Picture Industry Benevolent Society (MPIBS) is the film industry’s very own charity, helping colleagues who work or have worked in film production, cinema exhibition and distribution. 

Here are a couple of stories from people the MPIBS has helped.

Sylvia’s story*

Freelancer, Costume/Art Department

“After working in the film industry for over 20 years in both costume and art departments, I developed breast cancer, followed by severe arthritis in my hands that required several lots of surgery and made constant sewing difficult.

I had to stop working, and consequently had difficulty making ends meet. I was unaware of MPIBS until someone passed on my name. I was contacted, reviewed and given a monthly relief payment to help with living expenses. This has enabled me to maintain a modest lifestyle, that would otherwise be very difficult. I’m immensely grateful for this generous support.”

Martin’s story*


“As a senior who doesn’t qualify yet for the old age pension, MPIBS support is allowing me to regroup. My financial difficulties arose because of serious health problems and the need to pay for expensive medications. While I’m not yet out of the woods, I am eternally grateful to the MPIBS for its assistance.”

* Due to the stringent confidentiality requirements of the MPIBS, names have been changed.


The MPIBS is a safety net to care for colleagues when they need it most. They need your help to continue their work.

To donate, please visit www.cinemapioneers.com.au/mpibs for details.

Motion Picture Industry Benevolent Society is a registered charity, Charitable Fundraising Number CFN 10841.