40-50 years old – The juggling act

With all those balls in the air it can be hard to set goals and make plans – we can help.

Know how much super you will
really need

Retirement is still a long way off, but if you can work out now how much super you’re likely to need and make extra contributions along the way, you’re likely to have a far better lifestyle when you do finish work.
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Get to know your investment

You don’t have to be an investment guru to make a smart investment choice. Media Super gives you a range of options that are designed to suit you, including the ability to self-manage your super.
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Make sure you’re well covered

Is your house insured? Your car? What about you and your income? Even if you have life insurance somewhere else, it’s worth taking a look at your current Media Super Insurance.
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Get some advice you can rely on

Chances are you’re juggling a range of different financial priorities right now. A mortgage? Car loan? Day to day living costs? They all add up. However, with some sound financial advice now, you can put the plans in place to make sure you get ahead in the years to come.
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Stay in touch

The easiest way to stay up to date is by following Media Super on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. To avoid losing touch with us, and losing track of your hard-earned super savings, make sure that we have all your correct contact details and your Tax File Number on record.
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