Over 50 – Looking forward

Options, choices and opportunities – we’ll help you find your way through.

Decide what YOU want for the future

Looking forward to ‘hanging up your boots’ so to speak? Or perhaps you want to ease into retirement and enjoy a better work life balance? Now is the time to decide what YOU want in the coming years.
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Know what options are
(or soon will be) available to you

Once you reach 55 you can start making your super work for you in a whole new way. You can potentially pay less tax and save more super, while enjoying the same take home pay.
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Top up your super

It’s generally agreed that as far as investments go, super can be a very effective one because of the tax concessions it offers. This can mean that it is an ideal savings vehicle, particularly as you near retirement.
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Look at exactly how your super
is invested

Ensuring that you super is invested to suit your specific goals becomes increasingly important as you near retirement. You have a broad range of options available to you including the ability to self-manage your super investment.
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Stay in touch

The easiest way to stay up to date is by following Media Super on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. And, to avoid losing touch with us, make sure that we have all your correct contact details and your Tax File Number on record.
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